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Writer: The Vidal Team

The study of memory loss and mental function in patients with Alzheimers� and dementia is an ongoing effort. Here are some of what a few universities are doing to help advance the body of knowledge with respect to the disease.
A new study at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre hopes to improve mental function. The study involves magnetic brain stimulation to increase activity in the frontal lobe and parts of the brain affected by Alzheimer�s disease. The exercise involves a metal coil head gear that creates a magnetic field and produces electric currents inside the brain, which fires up neuron activity.

Read more about it�here.

The University of�Edinburgh is getting involved in a dance choreographer�s project by sending students to gather data from his dance classes which he holds weekly for seniors living with dementia. Wilson hopes that the conclusions drawn from the data will support dance as a form of therapy. While the study is still on-going, it is safe to say that the classes bring immediate joy to its participants.

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Research that started years ago suggest that a sugar binding protein found on immune cells in the brain called CD33 may have protective effects in people who have a certain form. A new study at the University of Alberta continues to look at these proteins, using a specialized technique developed by the university�s chemistry professors.

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