The Case for Home Care

Writer: The Vidal Team

The discussion about home care and assisted living options often arises between family members caring for an elderly loved one. Though it may be an emotional topic, one of the fundamental truths in life is that we are all going to grow old. The real question doesn�t lie in whether or not we�ll grow old, but in how we grow old. It�s fair to say that everyone simply wants to age with grace, comfort, and on their own terms, even when we start to need additional care.

Of course, the ideal situation is not always the presenting situation. Nobody wants to be a burden, especially to loved ones. Family caregivers often end up in what is known as the �sandwich generation�; caring for both older and younger generations. They often do this while at the same time keeping full time jobs and finding quality time to be with their spouses. This can strain the relationships within the entire family as dependents feel increasingly burdensome and care givers feel stretched thin and guilty. While we all care greatly for our loved ones, the stress of being a family caregiver can be overwhelming.

Luckily this doesn�t always have to be the case. We can maintain strong family ties and grow old gracefully and comfortably, and oftentimes, home care is the answer.

Home care is all about options and the ability to customize the experience in the best interests of your loved ones. You can personally select your caregiver, making sure they understand your language, cultural norms, needs, and personality. You also have the flexibility to select specific hours and duration of care, so that care is delivered when needed most � maximizing cost effectiveness. While a retirement home or community may be the right choice for some families, most seniors want to age in place � right where they are most comfortable � at home!

It is a great alternative to other popular senior living solutions and it can be much more affordable. Home care can also, perhaps, ease the strain felt by all family members caring for their elderly loved one.



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