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Transportation services for seniors can help with mobility limitations that compromise their independence. Mobility limitations can keep seniors from participating in social activities, accessing medical services or carrying out basic errands.

Loss of mobility is multi-factorial, and can be the result of a recent surgery, medical condition or declining health. It can also be simply due to losing one�s driver�s license.

Activities like going grocery shopping, picking up medication from the pharmacy, and going to the bank � they are basic errands that, for many people, provide a sense of self-sufficiency and control. Social participation like visiting friends and relatives, attending birthday parties and community involvement is important for psychosocial health.

Having an escort or accompaniment for support can be especially helpful for seniors with physical and mobility limitations. Seniors at increased risk of falls, or injury due to falls can have anxiety and fear about travelling and
having accompaniment can provide reassurance and confidence.

A particularly difficult challenge seen with older adults is the number and frequency of medical appointments. Having someone come along to these appointments to provide emotional support as well as a second set of ears when the doctor is giving instructions is always helpful. Between general checkups to follow-up appointments with various specialists, it can be difficult for family caregivers to take time off work to escort their loved ones to these appointments.

Transportation services for seniors is part of a comprehensive care approach that aims to help them age gracefully and comfortably at home.

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