Respite Services

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Respite care services are provided so that family caregivers can take time away from their role as care provider. Family caregivers provide invaluable services that are integral and essential to their families and communities.

While many people embrace the opportunity to be a family caregiver to their loved ones in times of need, there are emotional and physical challenges that can become overwhelming.

Sometimes the need for care is transient, as in the case of acute illness. More often however, family caregivers provide care for their loved ones over long periods of time, such as in chronic illness or progressive declining health. The duration and intensity of care services can lead to emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. Caregiver burnout can manifest as depression, anxiety, stress, anger or hopelessness. The consequences of caregiver burnout are far reaching and can affect the family caregivers� social life, finances, as well as relationships with other loved ones in their life.

It is important that family caregivers take care of themselves as well as their loved ones. In home respite care services allow family caregivers the opportunity to rest and recharge, while allowing senior loved ones to remain comfortable in familiar surroundings at home.

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