Personal Care

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Personal care for seniors is more than just assistance with bathing, grooming and dressing. It helps to support independence and dignity in those whose health prevents them from maintaining their hygiene and appearance.

There are common challenges that seniors face as they age in their homes. Difficulty with mobility and transferring can prevent seniors from keeping physically active and engaging in enjoyable activities � or from wanting to get out of bed at all.

A previous bad fall can cause anxiety and fear of falling again, limiting the ability to carry out daily activities. Dementia can make every day tasks particularly challenging and sometimes even unsafe.

Seniors can become unmotivated to participate in their environments when their ability to take care of themselves decline, which in turn pushes them further into isolation and apathy. Overtime, this self-feeding cycle has negative consequences on mental and physical health.

Supportive caregivers assist with tasks that seniors have difficulty with, while promoting and encouraging self-care. With the appropriate personal care support, seniors can be confident in their environment and live in their own homes comfortably and safely.

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