End-of-Life Care

Pallative care services at home

End-of-Life Care

Palliative care at home focuses on preserving quality of life in patients with terminal illness by optimizing symptom relief and maximizing comfort.

It often involves around-the-clock care and what can seem like a small village of doctors, nurses, and personal support workers � all of whom should ideally be specially trained in palliative care. Both medical and non-medical services are important to provide a comprehensive and high level of care.

Everyone involved in providing palliative care must anticipate and be prepared for medical emergencies. They should have a coordinated plan to get medical help if there is a change in health status. Efficient communication and coordination between care providers and family members is always important, and particularly so in times of crisis.

Providing palliative care at home can be an emotionally challenging feat, but can also be a treasured and precious experience as it allows the opportunity for families to spend valuable time with their loved one in familiar and comfortable surroundings.