Light Housekeeping

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Difficulties with mobility or limitations caused by cognitive impairment are common reasons family caregivers seek help with housekeeping for senior loved ones. However, getting help with common house chores can also help prevent health issues that may arise from activities that are physically challenging or strenuous.

Keeping on top of routine chores such as taking out the garbage, doing dishes, laundry, changing bed sheets, dusting and general cleaning can become progressively or suddenly difficult for seniors, depending on physical and cognitive status and decline.

Common health conditions that impair mobility include arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, Parkinson�s disease, recent surgery or sudden illness. Conditions that cause progressive cognitive decline may include dementia, Alzheimer�s, and Parkinson�s.

Along with other areas of care, such as personal grooming, meal preparation and companionship, providing assistance with housekeeping for seniors is an important component of a comprehensive care approach that will allow older adults to live comfortably and independently in their homes.

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