Not a technology company

Writer: The Vidal Team

When I speak to people about Vidal Home Care, I oftentimes need to emphasize that it is a home care company that simply uses technology as a platform to connect families to Caregivers.

Vidal Home Care is not a technology company.

Although our platform is one of the characteristics that make Vidal unique in its industry, it is but a way to deliver on what we feel makes Vidal truly different � it offers peace of mind, confidence and autonomy to both Caregivers and families when giving or getting care.

A year ago, when I set out to create Vidal, I decided that it would be a company that values and supports Caregivers, who are too often underappreciated for all that they do. It is not just about pay rates. It is not just about allowing for flexibility and providing the opportunity to supplement income. It is also about creating and developing a community that understands, supports and appreciates the Caregiver�s role. In doing so, we hope to inspire and empower them to provide the highest level of care for the individuals and families they care for.

Unlike traditional home care providers in the industry, Vidal encourages Care Recipients and Caregivers to connect. We want to empower families to care for one another by removing barriers and adopting a system of full transparency. Families can see, connect and chat with their Caregivers before they ever step foot into their home. Caregivers are never simply assigned to a family, in which case neither party has a say in the matching decision. Our technology also allows families to see when a Caregiver arrives at their home, stay in touch throughout the Care Visit, and finally, when the Caregiver leaves their home. As a result, family members who may live in a different part of the city from their loved one can still stay connected and have peace of mind.

Our digital platform offers a way for Caregivers and Care Recipients to connect, but the core identity of Vidal is a platform to enable and empower families and Caregivers, to love and care for one another.

Our world is an exciting place with new and rapid developments in technology, affecting every industry one can think of. But we must not ever forget that the technologies must serve, benefit and support the human condition.

Yours truly,

Minh Pham

Vidal Home Care Founder

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