Men�s Health Week June 11 � 17

Writer: The Vidal Team

This past Sunday marked the end of�Canadian Men�s Health Week�which encouraged men throughout Canada to start talking openly about health care.

The Men�s Health Foundation reports that 72% of Canadian men are living unhealthy lifestyles. Poor lifestyle decisions made commonly by males typically include smoking, diet, sleep, and exercise, all which can have a great impact on quality of life � especially in later years.

Here are some helpful resources concerning some of the previously listed topics.


A male�s poor diet can lead to great health risks caused by nutrient deficiencies or other diseases stemming from obesity such as diabetes. According to�Diabetes Canadasometimes symptoms of diabetes can be misinterpreted by family members as signs of other disorders. For example, those suffering from diabetes with low blood sugar can become disoriented and confused, similar to symptoms of dementia.

Loved ones are often on the lookout for these symptoms especially in aging family members and suggest treating moments like these as if the individual was suffering from low blood sugar until the cause is determined by a medical professional. With men diagnosed with diabetes, they may require help with diet, care of their feet (prone to cracks and cuts and difficult to care for when mobility is an issue), and arranging age-appropriate exercise.


But how do you determine what age-appropriate exercise would be your father, grandfather, uncle, or other males who need care services?

Throughout Ontario, you can find�Senior Active Living Centreswith programs that include fitness, health, and wellness classes. Depending on the level of independence and care required, many fitness centres including the�YMCA�have low-impact activities like aqua fitness classes.

While diet and exercise are not exclusive issues to men, Canadian Men�s Health Week encourages males to share their stories of what inspires them to improve their lifestyles. Take this opportunity to chat with your father, grandfather, uncle, spouse, or other male loved ones about some of these concerns.

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