Improving the way families connect with Caregivers

Writer: The Vidal Team

At Vidal Home Care, we�re always looking for ways to make it easier and more efficient for families to connect with compatible and qualified Caregivers.

We�ve recently added new features in the Vidal Home Care app that we think will improve the way you find and connect with Caregivers.

Just as before, family members can search for Caregivers using filters such as spoken languages, gender and special areas of training.

With the latest version of the Vidal Home Care app, Caregivers who match the search criteria will now be�listed in the order closest to the location of care. That means that you�ll now know which Caregiver is closest in proximity, making it easier than ever before to connect with those most likely able to provide care where you need it!

Download the�Vidal Home Care�mobile app today and let us help alleviate the stress of care.



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