I�m a Caregiver

Writer: The Vidal Team

What are some tips I can follow to give the best care and stay safe?

Connect with Care Recipients and their families

Before committing to providing care, it is a good idea to connect with your Care Recipient and his/her family first. It builds rapport and you will get an idea of what you can expect. It is also a good opportunity to ask questions and clarify anything you may be unsure about.
Read carefully

When you get a new Care Request, make sure you read the Care Recipient Profile carefully before accepting. Double-check your availability for the requested time and date. Make sure you are comfortable with the tasks specified for that Care Visit.

Wait before marking the Care Visit as a No Show

Elderly people may be hard of hearing or may need more time to get to the door. Make sure that you call the Care Recipient or family member if no one is answering the door. Wait 10 minutes or so before you deem the Care Visit as a No Show.

Know where the Home Safety Card is kept

One of the first things you should do when arriving at a home is to ask where the Home Safety Card is kept. Should there be an emergency while you are providing care, this card contains emergency contact numbers and other information that you may need.

Leave detailed and thorough Care Notes

When you check out, be sure to leave a Care Note immediately. The Care Note should be detailed and explain how the Care Visit went, what specific services you provided and any other details the family should be aware of. When you leave a detailed and thorough Care Note, you are providing peace of mind by keeping the family informed.

Communicate and get paid on the Vidal mobile app

Communicating or accepting payment outside the Vidal mobile app makes it difficult for us to protect your interests and puts you at risk of other safety and security issues. When you use the Vidal mobile app platform to communicate and collect payments, it keeps the integrity of what is expected at Care Visits, payment transactions and keeps everyone accountable. We suggest to always use our messaging platform within the app to communicate.

If you are a compassionate and qualified caregiver and would like to join our team, apply to become a�Vidal Caregiver�today.



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