I�m a Care Recipient

Writer: The Vidal Team

What are some tips I can follow to get the best care?

Connect with your Caregiver candidates

To ensure your Caregiver is a good match for you and your family, utilize the Platform to connect with them before sending a Care Request. You can have a call where all family members who are involved in care can participate in. This is your opportunity to ask questions, and also answer any questions the Caregiver may have.

Complete your Care Recipient Profile

Completing your Care Recipient Profile will help any Caregiver you request know what to expect. Include anything you would like Caregivers to know before arriving at your home � for example, what you would like to be called, if there are any food allergies, or if you have a pet. You will want to keep a Home Safety Card and indicate right on your Care Recipient Profile where you keep it.

Complete your Home Safety Card

A Home Safety Card contains information like emergency contact numbers, fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire escape routes.

Most people stick the Home Safety Card on their fridge, but if you don�t, make sure that your Caregiver knows where the Home Safety Card is kept.

Should something go wrong or if there is an emergency, Caregivers can refer to this card.

If you�ve requested an in-home consultation, a Home Safety Card is provided in the Welcome Package. If you�d like to request one sent to you, contact us here.

Complete your Medication Chart

If you take medications, it�s a good idea to use a chart to keep track of your medication schedule. Caregivers can also refer to it and remind you at the correct times of the day.

Make sure Caregivers know where you keep both your medications and your medication chart.

If you�ve requested an in-home consultation, a Medication Chart is provided in the Welcome Package. If you�d like to request one sent to you, contact us here.

Get Homeowner�s Insurance

All Vidal Caregivers carry general and professional liability insurance that will protect them in the event claims are made against them.

However, you may consider getting Homeowners Insurance. Please speak to your insurance agent for more details.

Pay and Communicate on the Vidal Mobile App

Paying or communicating outside the Vidal mobile app makes it difficult for us to protect your interests and puts you at risk of other safety and security issues. When you use the Vidal mobile app platform to communicate and make payments, it keeps the integrity of what is expected at Care Visits, payment transactions and keeps everyone accountable. We suggest to always use our messaging platform within the app to communicate.

Let us help alleviate the stress of caring for a loved one. Get started with a free consultation or download the�Vidal Mobile App�today!



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