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Writer: The Vidal Team

I was a sixth grader when James Cameron�s Titanic came out in theatres.�It was also around this time that my transition from being a �kid� to �teenager� began; expectedly I was very impressionable. I immediately became a fanatic fan of the movie, and everything �Titanic�.

My aunt lived in Anaheim, California at the time. It so happened that the summer following the movie�s release, she invited me to come�visit her. My flirtation with the Sunny State through the cinema screen�grew into full fledged�obsession on this trip; she showed me all the best California had to offer a 12-year-old girl who was just beginning to leave the arms of Disney and experience the magic of Hollywood. My heart sang when she took me to Santa Monica pier, where Rose Dawson (Kate Winslet�s character in Titanic) rode horses into the sand. It felt surreal, for me at the time, to experience in person this magical place that was mentioned in my favourite movie of all time.�I was so grateful to my aunt for this trip, and told myself that when I was �grown up��and able, I would treat her to a trip that would be just as special to her as this trip was to me.

In 2015, my aunt lost her battle against leukemia and passed away. Her final days were lonely, as she was not married and had no children. To say that the months leading up to her death were difficult would be a gross understatement.�My mom was in Vietnam to visit her sick mother during this time. I had never seen my dad under such immense stress. He took time off work to fly back and forth from our home city of Toronto�to Anaheim to be by his sister�s side in her final days. This man, who had always been taken care of by his doting wife, was now on his own and the primary care giver for a dying sister.

It was this pivotal moment in my life when I learned to appreciate how families come together in times of need. It was also when I recognized that had my mom and dad had reliable and affordable alternatives, the time spent by their loved ones in their final days would perhaps have been better spent treasuring memories and saying goodbye, rather than chaotic and stressful as they tried to balance running a household and being care giver to their loved ones.

It became clear to me that people need quality, reliable and affordable home care. From this realization, came the launch�of Vidal Home Care.

The concept�of Vidal stemmed from a need for effective home care solutions;�the pillars�of VIDAL rests on addressing the needs of families with respect to quality, cost, convenience�and flexibility in their home care services.�We spend an incredible amount of time vetting and handpicking the best Caregivers for our team and for your family.��I believe that Vidal has the most flexible and affordable�solutions in home care and the best team of Caregivers on board.

It is our�mission to help alleviate the stress of care, whether for an elderly parent or a sick relative. I hope that you will take some time to explore the ways that we can help your family in times of need.

Yours truly,

Minh Pham

Vidal Home Care Founder



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